1. You are not a prisoner of an exile!  No traffic to fight, no store hours to worry about, and quicker than standing in line at a cash register, you're shopping online experience is over!  No sweat!

  2. You've more likely to find it online than in a store!  Online sales will almost double to nearly $15 billion.  Most retailers are understanding that they have to offer online shopping capabilities to compete in the future.  Why not get your part of this growth?

  3. Say goodbye to come-ons and hello to hard data!  Online shoppers won't sit for spin, they want cool hard facts!  On the web, content is king.  The sites that succeed are those that ditch their image meisters and deliver slick, intuitive navigation and cold, hard facts.

  4. You won't be paying a store owner's rent!  Conventional retailers are becoming entertainment parks to justify the steep prices of their goods - espresso bars for example.  

  5. Web stores don't skimp on service!  If you want informed, quick, interactive service, look to the Internet.  Today 22 percent of the Fortune 500 do business online, and 20 percent offer advanced services.

  6. Two words:  Save cash!  The sunglasses you'll pay $200 at the boutique cost $40 on the Web.  Prices for books and music are 9 to 16 percent lower online.

  7. Bidders take all!  Set your own price!  Auction fever is spreading over the Internet.  

  8. Your PC does the dirty work!  Anthropologists in the future will probably look at store-to-store comparison shopping as an arcane form of self-torture.  The hassles and wasted time to save a nickel here, a dollar there will baffle future generations!

  9. You won't find it elsewhere!  Buy online and you'll find thousands of items you can't get anywhere else.  Specialty items do best over the Internet.

  10. It's safer than you think!  ActivMedia Research found that charge-back rates for credit-card fraud are proportionately lower among online customers than offline shoppers. It's as safe as giving your credit-card to your waiter to pay for your meal.  They both use the same phone line and encryption.

So what are you waiting for, contact us today to start selling your products safely over the Internet.  With Shops on the Web's you can start selling your products for as little as $69.99...


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